Office Window Tinting & other Commercial Tinting

Workplace window tint makes good business sense. From skyscrapers to single story offices, retail shops and factories, we make your commercial space look and function better.

Modern buildings typically benefit from bright and open floorplans however this comes with its downsides. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes skin damage, deteriorates expensive interiors and puts unnecessary stress on your AC system.

Our range of quality window tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and reduces outside heat transfer via an insulating effect.

Enjoy peace of mind as employees benefit from a safer, more comfortable working environment while you reduce energy bills and protect your property.


Benefits of office window tint & other commercial tinting include:

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    Reduced energy bills
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    Reduced glare
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    Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and fittings
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    Reduced risk of injuries and theft due to shatter-proof effect
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    Improved privacy (glazed, frosted and reflective options available)

The Smart Choice in Window Tinting...