Car Window Tinting

Making Wollongong’s roads look better since 2008. We use the latest nano ceramic technology designed to repel the sun’s rays, protect your interior and maintain perfect vision. See and feel the difference every time you go from A to B.

Most jobs done in 2 hours

Your car is important – we won’t keep it for long. Try our local cafe, visit Bunnings nearby or take a walk along Bellambi dog beach. By the time you’re done, we’ll be handing back your keys.

Benefits of Car Window Tint

Adds Sleekness

As stylish as it is practical, car window tint adds instant sleekness to your vehicle – boosting its appeal and potentially increasing resale value. Choose a tint to match any style of car with our new generation of shades. 

Blocks UV Rays

Responsible for faded interiors, premature ageing and many skin cancers, ultraviolet rays are as stealthy as they are relentless. Window tint blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting you, your passengers and your interior from the sun’s radiation. 

Repels Heat

Heat rejection – where modern window tint truly performs. Advanced nano particles deflect heat and allow for total internal temperature control. Feel the difference the moment the sun hits your window. Gone are the days of maxing your car’s AC all summer. 

Stops Glare

Absolutely clear vision is crucial while driving a huge chunk of mental (for your safety, and for those around you). Car window tint drastically reduces the sun’s glare, allowing for quicker responses to road hazards, and a better driving experience overall.   

Privacy & Security

Enjoy an extra layer of privacy and know your car’s contents are better hidden from opportunists while parked. We have different shades available, including the darkest legal tint.

Why Choose Us?

We search the globe for superior products from reputable, industry leading suppliers. That’s why our customers know they’re getting the best tint on the market with the highest performing specs. Because “exclusive” tint doesn’t always mean better tint.   

From Fords to Ferraris, we’re the best in the business and treat every car like our own.

…on all installations. Drive away with peace of mind.

We’re locally owned and operated, so your money stays in Wollongong.