Commercial Window Tinting

Invest in your business and the planet. From skyscrapers to single story offices, retail shops and factories, window tint makes commercial spaces look and function better. It’s good for employee wellbeing, makes a shopfront more inviting, a dining room more comfortable, and helps reduce energy consumption.

Window tint boosts productivity

It’s proven employees are healthier, happier and sleep better when exposed to natural light throughout the day. Maximise employee wellness and output by ditching the blinds for commercial window tint. Because healthy workers are better workers. 

Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

Saves money, and the planet

Window tint stops the sun’s heat and boosts the insulating power of your windows. This means your AC works less and you save on your power bill. Lower your overheads and increase your green star rating by installing commercial window tint in your business.

Stops Thermo-stat Wars

No matter how good your AC, the sun heats a building’s outer sections faster. This often leads to staff thermo-stat wars. Window tint reflects the sun’s heat and allows even distribution of internal temperatures – providing optimal conditions for staff to get work done.    

Stops Glare

Glare can be a serious distraction, especially on a computer screen. Drawing the blinds can help, though this blocks natural light and increases reliance on artificial ones. Window tint dramatically reduces glare AND maximises natural light – it’s all benefits with no sacrifices.  

Blocks UV Rays

You can’t feel UV rays, but they’re responsible for premature ageing, eye damage, and many types of skin cancers – even when indoors. To make matters worse, constant exposure results in faded furniture, flooring and artworks. Window tint blocks 99% of UV rays, protecting your health and avoiding costly repairs/replacements of property.  

Privacy & Security

Frosted or mirrored window tints add privacy to offices and meeting rooms without losing natural light. They also act as a deterrent for thieves due to their anti-shatter effect. We have multiple options available depending on your preference. 

Why Choose Us?

We search the globe for superior products from reputable, industry leading suppliers. That’s why our customers know they’re getting the best tint on the market with the highest performing specs. Because “exclusive” tint doesn’t always mean better tint.