Home Window Tinting

Servicing Wollongong and the surrounding suburbs for over 14 years, we offer premium window tint built to last in the Australian coastal climate. It’s the quick, easy and affordable solution to the sun’s heat and radiation.

The Problem with Windows

We love bright spaces however windows let in UV rays which are bad for your health and fade home interiors. They’re terrible for internal temperature control, and although windows provide a nice view, this often comes at the expense of your privacy.

Benefits of Home Window Tint

Temperature control

Home window tint boosts the insulating power of your windows. Like plugging holes in a sinking ship, it repels the sun’s heat and turns your home interior into a summer oasis.

Energy Savings

Window tint is good for your wallet, and the planet. When your windows are better insulated, your AC works less and your letterbox has fewer surprises. Ditch the blinds, maximise natural light and never flick a light switch during the day again. 

Blocks UV Rays

They’re bad for your property and terrible for your skin. UV rays increase risk of skin cancer and fade furniture, floorings and artworks (even in colder months). Window tint blocks 99% of UV rays. 

Stops Glare

Window tint drastically reduces glare, so you can watch your favourite show, browse the web and get work done without disruptions. It’s something the whole family benefits from.

Privacy & Security

A home is a sanctuary but nothing ruins your zen like having an audience. Avoid prying eyes with high quality privacy tints. Mirrored or frosted options available.

Why Choose Us?

We search the globe for superior products from reputable, industry leading suppliers. That’s why our customers know they’re getting the best tint on the market with the highest performing specs. Because “exclusive” tint doesn’t mean better tint.